About Us

CNJ Computing LLC is an IT managed service provider in the Princeton, NJ area. In an industry that includes competitors offering inflated pricing along with inadequate technical expertise, CNJ will manage your small business infrastructure while utilizing large business IT best practices. At CNJ Computing, we strive to make our customers feel like they have an in-house IT staff but at a fraction of the price.

Who are we?

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Dan Franciscus​ – Owner​​

Dan is an experienced and knowledgeable information technology professional who as been employed at various large organizations. ​His most recent position is Systems Administrator at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey. Dan’s expertise is in Microsoft-based technology solutions, system automation, business analytics and networking although he has experience in all facets of computing. ​In addition to his professional experience, Dan also earned a Masters of Information Sy​stems degree from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.